large gate

Maintenance Gate on Athletic Field at the UA in Tucson


small gate

UA gate. 18' wide, 20' high. 1900 lbs., moves with only 12 pounds of force.
Project Architect: Swaim

General Contractor: TBR Construction & Engineering
Gate & MagneGlide Installation: Antech


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Sliding Doors

Sliding doors and windows are popular architectural features. They facilitate ease of passage between exterior and interior, providing opportunities for enhanced natural lighting and ventilation.

A prominent issue with modern, high thermal efficiency glass doors and windows is their weight; their features can result in a design so heavy as to impede their ease of use. And although more energy efficient than older designs, they are still significantly less effective at protecting against outside temperature extremes than the walls of the buildings in which they are installed. Their weight, and the resulting difficulty of operation, impedes further efforts at enhancing their energy efficiency.

The ease of motion provided by the MagneGlide system can help to alleviate this problem, diminishing the effect of weight as an issue. This may help make a sliding door feasible where otherwise its weight would render it impractical. It may offer an opportunity to utilize a manual door where otherwise a powered door would be necessary. And in the case of powered doors, it may offer the opportunity to utilize a smaller operator unit, with less energy consumption for operation.

As climate change progresses, and as energy issues become of ever-greater concern, the thermal efficiency of sliding doors and windows will likely become steadily more important. Weight may pose a stumbling block, though, with current approaches. MagneGlide can help enable the evolution of designs with greater thermal efficiency.

In interior applications, sliding doors, pocket doors and sliding panels provide opportunities to enclose, adjust interior spaces and secure privacy, among other uses. MagneGlide can facilitate these types of operations also.

The ease of movement afforded by the MagneGlide system may be an especially useful feature in situations where strength and mobility limitations are prevalent, such as health care facilities, elderly residences, and similar sites.

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MagneGlide technology is versatile and secure. Energy costs and climate severity are projected to increase in the future. These will put additional demands on buildings for efficient protection from the environment. The MagneGlide passive magnetic support technology can help to enable innovative and increasingly effective solutions to be developed and put forth to address this need. Modern Transport Systems Corp. works with designers, and with manufacturers of moving components to provide a MagneGlide passive magnetic support system tailored to the needs of their products and clients.