large gate

Maintenance Gate on Athletic Field at the UA in Tucson


small gate

UA gate. 18' wide, 20' high. 1900 lbs., moves with only 12 pounds of force.
Project Architect: Swaim

General Contractor: TBR Construction & Engineering
Gate & MagneGlide Installation: Antech


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Architectural Features

Movable elements may offer architects additional choices in creating spaces, and in configuring features and spaces to fit the users' needs. MagneGlide magnetic support technlogy can assist architects in incorporating movable elements into building designs, elements that may otherwise be too heavy to be considered practical or desirable.

The MagneGlide system can support objects from overhead or from beneath: the magets themselves are indifferent as to whether they are holding something from above or below. This flexibility enhances the wealth of options available to architects in designing features to fit the needs and desires of their clients.