large gate

Maintenance Gate on Athletic Field at the UA in Tucson


small gate

UA gate. 18' wide, 20' high. 1900 lbs., moves with only 12 pounds of force.
Project Architect: Swaim

General Contractor: TBR Construction & Engineering
Gate & MagneGlide Installation: Antech


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About Us

JBarber 2018 4.RockwoodModern Transport Systems Corp. (MTSC) is a Delaware corporation which was formed to advance and commercialize a passive magnetic support (levitation) technology, developed and patented by Modern Transport Systems Corp. founder and President John Barber.

The first expression of that technology in a product targeted for commercialization is a system of passive magnetic support for sliding doors, windows, gates and wall panels, being promoted under the trademark "MagneGlide®". It is the intent of Modern Transport Systems Corp. to provide that technology to manufacturers of those products, on a non-exclusive basis.

John Barber, founder and president of Modern Transport Systems Corp., has an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. His career includes working with NASA on the Apollo moon landing program, and several decades of planning, designing, implementing and operating rapid transit systems. In the course of this he has had considerable involvement in the development of magnetic levitation technology, and with activities directed towards its implementation. This provided the insight that led him to create and develop the MagneGlide┬« magnetic support technology.

Other companies that we've work with:

  • Antech Corp., specialty gate and steelwork, University of AZ gate and installation
  • Hydrafab Northwest, skilled metal fabricator, makes all our rails and liftpack frames
  • Swaim Assoc., architect firm experienced in incorporating MagneGlide into facilities, guided integration of MagneGlide into U of AZ gate project
  • SaftiFirst, specialty door manufacturer, fabricated sliding door for Spokane residence
  • Helveticka, a graphics design firm in Spokane, WA, uses MagneGlide to support a sliding display panel in their conference room.