large gate

Maintenance Gate on Athletic Field at the UA in Tucson


small gate

UA gate. 18' wide, 20' high. 1900 lbs., moves with only 12 pounds of force.
Project Architect: Swaim

General Contractor: TBR Construction & Engineering
Gate & MagneGlide Installation: Antech


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Modern Transport System Corp. (MTSC) is pleased to introduce the next step in the evolution of magnetic levitation: the magnetic support technology we have developed and call "MagneGlide®" - practical, useful and currently in service. It requires no energy input for the levitation action; permanent magnets provide the forces necessary for levitation. It is inherently simple, requiring no control system; it automatically adjusts to the load applied to it. With MagneGlide®, all the weight of an object is supported by magnetic forces, making it much easier to move than if it were supported with conventional wheels or rollers.

From the early stages of the industrial revolution until now, the most efficient way to support something being moved has been with metal wheels on metal rails. Modern Transport System Corp's MagneGlide® takes this to the next level of efficiency. Instead of using wheels for support, the MagneGlide® system provides a magnetic support system that is nearly maintenance-free and has minimal running resistance.

With today's changing environment imposing challenging new requirements for designers and builders, MTSC's MagneGlide® offers an exciting opportunity to incorporate a clean, non-polluting and energy-saving technology into our everyday lives.

MagneGlide® is ahead of its time with a highly advanced yet simple approach to support things that move, such as sliding doors, windows, gates and wall panels. MagneGlide® technology consumes zero energy: It incorporates high strength permanent magnets into a rugged reliable system to create the forces to support objects being moved.

MagneGlide® is already helping customers achieve previously unheard of ease of operation with heavy moving objects. Whether big or heavy, or light and small, MagneGlide® offers designers a new and improved way to support moving objects.

The MagneGlide® magnetic support system developed by Modern Transport Systems Corp. provides the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of technology while making a positive contribution to helping the environment. We invite you to look through this website, and Contact Us for more information.