Sliding door for Spokane, WA, residence
Sliding door for Spokane, WA, residence

MagneGlide Rails: Large & SmallMagneGlide Rails: Large & Small

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MagneGlide Solar Screening

solar screeningClimate severity provides a challenge for building designers, and this is anticipated to increase in importance as global climate change progresses. For regions with high temperatures and intense sunlight, exterior sun shielding is increasingly being contemplated for glass surfaces; this helps protect the glass itself from heating up, and may be in the form of screening, louvers or other approaches. These may be fixed or movable; for movable solar shielding, MagneGlide provides a means to allow a greater ease of motion, perhaps enhancing the practicality of application of these techniques.

Energy costs and climate severity are projected to increase in the future. These will put additional demands on buildings for efficient protection from the environment. The MagneGlide magnetic support technology can help to enable innovative and increasingly effective solutions to be developed and put forth to address this need. Modern Transport Systems Corp. works with architects, designers and manufacturers to provide a MagneGlide magnetic support system tailored to the needs of their clients and customers.